• Learning is a left hand's play

    And that is absolutely right! You will be bring to life characters with animation, capture unimaginable scenes with your tools, design games and design the interiors for buildings!

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  • Game on with iGameDesk!

    A college that offers dream courses Why fly abroad to study when you have it all here? Where it is all about playing it to learn it

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  • Photography,

    frame by frame

    Intriguing photographs have been demystified to you with the first look. How succulent is it to click a complex composition? Get your cameras, sit with our group and open your mind!

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Come! Lets ignite your game with iGameDesk

Offering you a wide range of visual art courses, our organization is a stand alone in terms of the quality of training, the opportunity after and the success thereafter.

Visual arts is a fine art that has been made a part of the academic study purely based on the vast opportunities available and the equally vast sub fields of specialization to follow it up with.

All of us have, at some point of our lives, watched and marveled at animation films and serials and we hail Disney as the temple shrine of quirky characters. Is it not true that they have belted out hit after hit? Why shouldn’t we dream of creating films with our imagination?

We dreamt of it too. We just went a step ahead in bringing together the tools and training material to shape up your dreams and show them the light of reality.

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Our Courses

  • Advertising
    Advertising teaches you how to assess a product’s need, quantify its necessity and relevance in the market. Read More...
  • Animation
    You have the story we have the medium. Join us to get your creativity rolling and give life to the characters you had in mind! Read More...
  • Fashion Design
    Fashion has a highly volatile structure to its nature given that it changes every season! Read More...
  • Game Design & Development
    It gives a grand feeling when you think of a game concept yourself and develop it. Read More...

Our Courses

  • Visual Effects
    Your mind has a knack of collecting all the events and memories stored in your sub conscious mind. Read More...
  • Interior Design
    We believe that there must be a knowledgeable and an aesthetic sense while designing the interiors of a place. Read More...
  • UI Design and Development
    Looks are everything. This applies to a website’s attractive quotient for many viewers to visit and revisit it just for the comfort. Read More...
  • Photography
    As children we all have been held fascinated by the magic a camera can do and the way we pose for a frame. Read More...


Professionals at work

We have the best of the experts in each field who will hand hold the students through the complete learning process

Hands on training

Apart from the class room teaching, we insist and hone the practical knowledge on the concepts

Opportunity filled field

Worry not, about the life after training. What you study earns you lucrative positions at the top contenders in the field

  • Brand imagery
  • Strategic positioning
  • Brand promotion
  • Storyboard conceptualization
  • Art of scripting
  • Advanced modeling and texturing
  • Project implementation
  • Enhanced visual effects
  • Interface layout creation
  • Create model drawings
  • Miniature modeling
  • Texturing and create lighting

Knowledge is the leading light that guides you to discover a new path with its every spark. Study, practice and attain the happiness of achievement with us.

The path of success

We dream to have a flourishing career based on our strength, our talent and skill but life often leads to the beaten path. Follow your heart, take the path that you have not seen, take the step forward to reach the highest point that beckoned to you in your dreams!

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